I Will Consistently Move Your Website Up The Search Engine Rankings Every 2 Weeks, And To Page One (in 4-6 months) Or We Will Continue To Work For FREE

Dear Personal Trainers

If your business was on the page 1 of Google for your targeted keywords, do you think you would attract more customers and make more sales?

If you do, then this letter is for you.

If you read all the way to the end I am going to reveal how I will get your website to rank for specific keywords on the first page in Google within 4-5 months. And for the very first time I am going to offer you a Guarantee that has never been offered in the industry before.

You will have the ability to physically see how your website has improved in rankings every two weeks, and if we don’t get you the results we promised you…

We will continue to work for you for FREE

No SEO company does this.

Have you ever wondered how the top personal trainers get over $400 worth of leads daily to their websites for FREE?

Check this out.

In the Google keyword tool type in the keyword “Orlando personal trainer”


Notice the searches and the low competition above?

If you add up these up over a month you have over 5,127 of searches. That is over a 170 searches a day on just this theme “chino hills personal trainer.”

Lets assume you pay for clicks. The average cost per click in Google for any trainer is close to $2.50 a click (and this is being very conservative).

That is approximately $425 of advertising a day to get 127 clicks to your website.

So what are the best personal trainers and boot camp and fitness marketers doing?

Let me pull back the curtains and give you a sneak preview of what I am doing with my SEO clients (this shows results for past and current clients)

google searching 1


google searching 2

google searching 3

google searching 4

google searching 5

google searching 6

google searching 7

google rank

google rank 2

google rank 3

google rank 4

youtube vedio

google search 01

google search 02

google search 03

google search 04

google search 05

google search 06

google search 07

From the Google search results above you can see not one but multiple listings on Google.

My clients are not paying $425 a day for clicks like every new fitness business does, but still pulling in the leads.

The technique is simple. Rank your site on the first page of Google for multiple keywords and get clicks over and over again to your sites without paying for traffic.

The top 1% of fitness pros, get their websites to rank on page one of Google and keep their sites there for repeat traffic and business.

While OTHERS are paying for clicks, they scoop all the traffic. At an average cost of $2.50 a click equates to $425 of free advertising revenue for GOOGLE every single day.

I am able to dominate and use free traffic to generate leads every month to my business.

So how do you do this?

What if I Told You The Secret Behind Ranking On Google is Feeding The Spider?

Google has these little robots called spiders that they send out to find websites pages. They will land on these websites feed on the information and tell Google which pages to rank on the first page of the search engine.

In order for you to rank fast and stay at the top,all you need to know is what little pieces of information to give these little critters so that King Google, recognizes you and ranks you for that keyword.

So when a spider finds your website on another site, it will jump from that url to your page, to see if the information is relevant.


In the good old days the more links you had pointing to your website the faster you will rank.

Many people in the past thought they could scam their way to number rankings by hiring SEO experts for $2 and buying cheap links (most people even think that it is okay to go to Fiverr and buy a few links for $5 right?).

SO what happen these outsources will createnew links from any website possible and link back to your website.

But what happened next?

When the Spiders found these links they could mathematically calculate when you are, buy links or trying to trick them

They will hurry back and report this to “King Google”.



Google slammed thousands of high ranking websites with the Panda, penguin and multiple updatesand many companies lost their traffic overnight.

There is a Right Way To Feed The Spiders and Still Get Your Site To First Page of Google.

Lets suppose you wanted me to rank your website on the first page of Google

Here is what I will do in 3 simple steps

STEP 1: Site Audit

  • Keyword Analysis – We will research the best keywords for your market that drives leads. We will start with Google keyword tool and we pick up all the long tails that are getting traffic.We analyze your competition and figure the fastest way we can get you to top place in Google.This ensure you have only the best prospects who will turn into paid clients while still ranking you for more higher competitive search terms.
  • X_Ray of your website – We will perform a detailed analysis of your website for two reasons.
    • 1. We will tell you if your website will rank or not.For example if you have an exact Match Domain, Google will penalized you because they will think you trying to cheat the system.2. We will find all the gaps in your site that prevents you from ranking fast and give you an exact map of what to do immediately to get your site in lead getting shape
  • Site Content – Content is a critical since spiders consider this as one of the most important ranking factor after the penguin and panda updates. We will audit your site and let you know the content gaps and what type of content you need to write for your market to get your site ranked fast.

STEP 2: Off Page SEO

This is one of our biggest strengths. We use our in-house software to analyze what the spiders consider the most effective external links for your website.

Not to get too technical but this includes the keyword density, anchor text links variation percentages, related websites and which websites to stay away from.

How do we know this?

We have ranked many sites in the fitness niche. We know exactly the type of links that Google wants and which links to avoid.

Every website is local. In order to rank your site and stay on top Google expects a local signals and local links pointing to your site. We manually target and find these links and feed them to the spiders.

Here is a very important strategy for your business right now. Do not build too many exact match anchor text links or keep the ratio very low. This one strategy is the difference between you ranking or your site getting banned.


At the end of every other week we will give you a report where you can see everything we have done and achieved for your website during that week.

The first thing you would get is a signals report. This report contains some of the links we would point to your site on a weekly basis and all the research and work we have done.

At the end of the month we will give you a rankings report.

This report will show where you were ranking in Google at the beginning of the month and where you rank at the end of the month.

Each month we will prove to you the progress we have made and all will be tracked and made available for your review.

This is what sets us apart.

No SEO company will report on a weekly or monthly basis, on your activity as well as the progress made.

You will get to see first hand how we move you fast through the Google index and to page one.

If you want to Use Me I want to caution you upfront.

If you were to hire me to consult one on one with you this alone would cost more than $6000 in a year to explain all the search engine marketing techniques marketing strategies that I use to gross hundreds of thousands for my business and my private clients.

But you still have to do the work yourself.

Now if you were to take all my knowledge and outsource all of this to someone in a foreign country you would at least pay $600-$800 a month for a virtual assistant to do the work for you.

But here is another catch!

  1. So let’s assume like I have done in the past, you decide to hire one of the 25,000 so called marketing assistants on to do the work.

You have to realize that these virtual assistants are not marketing experts.

They will only execute the work you give them.

You need to manage this work and check on their progress each day.

And there is a bigger challenge. Since online marketing is a new technology you have to keep up with new changes and consistently be training your staff to do the right work.

Google is famous for changing their SEO algorithm and ranking requirements all the time. You can lose all your investment and your website if you just do the wrong thing and do not keep up with the latest updates.

2. If you want to hire a local SEO marketing company to execute this marketing strategy for you, itwould cost you at least $40,000 to manage your campaigns and I have paid this price as well.

Here is the worst part. Most SEO firms lock you into a contract and do not guarantee their work.

And this is what sets us apart. WE guarantee you will get results.

I have figured out some of the strategies the Google spiders use to rank a website, and trained the best team to do this consistently for me every month.

Your Investment

Investment of the program to rank your main keywords on Google is $397 a month and we can generally get you first page rankings within 4-5 months depending on your local market.

You will see first hand during this period how you website moves up the search engine rankings every two weeks. You get almost immediate results by physically seeing how your website moves up the rankings.

My Guarantee has never been offered by any fitness SEO marketing company.

It is first of its kind as no one really understands the math behind these Spiders and cannot guarantee their work.

IF you don’t get the results we promised you upfront and that we documented together and mutually agreed upon (usually 4-6 months), I will work for you free at no cost till we get you ranked on the first page of Google no matter how long it takes.


You Have Two Choices

You can keep building your business exactly as you have right now and keep trying new techniques and doing the marketing yourself without consistent results every month and watch your sales funnel slowly wither away.

Or you can join Fitness Trainer Domination Program and grow your business to a level you didn’t think was possible. You can get a non-stop stream of new business from the Internet and live the kind of life you truly deserve. If you are ready to start, just click the button right now.

Here is What I Want You To Do Next:

Click here to apply

You will be sent to a page to give us some background about your business.

We will take this information and prepare a detailed SEO strategy and competitive analysis for you.

We will then set up a call and my SEO expert and will personally go through this in detail with you and tell you whether we can rank your site in 4-5 months for your keywords.

We will uncover areas where you can dominate your business fast and what it would take to be the best business and generate a steady stream of leads day in and day out.

Then once we agreed on the results and have this documented we will go to work for you.

I look forward to seeing you in the Fitness Trainer Domination Program

Thank you,

Neil Venketramen

P.S: Remember, this is the most in-depth done for you SEO program available in the fitness trainer market today.

Nothing of this quality and extent has been launched before to get you to own the market. (After you click the button, Fill out your details and we will call you to set up your first appointment and get started to owning your local market today)

P.P.S: Unlike other SEO companies if this is going to take you months to rank for a particular keyword we are going to tell you. We will show you long tails that will bring you immediate traffic while still ranking you for the keyword you want. Leads are what matters.

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