How To Build Your Personal Trainer Marketing Brand On YouTube The Right Way

Can you really build a fitness business with Video?

The short answer is yes.

I know personally of one client in Seattle who personally built his business with YouTube videos.

He makes over $250,000 annually only with video marketing.

I want to share with you these exact steps. You can get reach more clients online faster once you apply these simple techniques to your business.

Before we start here is a question for you.

What is the best way to build trust online and reach thousands of potential clients at the same time?

Obviously the best way to build trust is talk to the person one on one live in person.

But that is not possible online.

The next best method for personal trainers is video.

If a potential client watches you on video and you have a great story to tell you build a strong bond and immediate trust.

But here is where its get better.

Google are now ranking video on the first page for specific keywords.

For example if you type in chino hills boot camp in Google.

You see three videos ranking on the first page of Google.

Of the three videos Sam’s ( ) has 2 of the three videos listed on first page of Google.

As you can tell, that is not by accident at all.

So here is a quick summary of what you should do to get your videos on page 1 of Google.

1.Tell a compelling story. The better the story there is a good chance people will want to share your story and you naturally get more traffic from your video.

2.Have a strong call to action embedded in the video. See fitness video for chitown. We have an embedded clickable banner within the video itself. In this way people can click within the video and go directly to our website. More chances of building a relationship and setting and appointment.

3.Optimize for local search terms. Local search is where you will be found first. Make sure local key search terms are always included in the video description

4.Keywords in Video Title – Your title should as a minimum have your keywords embedded in them

5.Promote your videos. Build links, share your videos on facebook and twitter and do what you can to promote your stories.  Best way to do this is go to fiver or elance and hire some outsource workers to build links for your main videos that you are trying to rank high on Google.

Here is the biggest reason you would use video.

If you are just starting out and have a brand new website and you know your website will take forever to get ranked then use start with Youtube videos.

Your website may take a while but your video will rank fast in the short term.

If you live in a very conservative market place where people just do not trust each other and trust is earned like some parts of the Midwest for example, then video may just be great way to build that trust and position you as an expert in that market

At some point if you not going to take advantage of creating and distributing your message through video then your competition will do that and slowly eat away at your market share.

Telling stories is one of the best ways to build a tribe of customers who know like and trust you. And YouTube videos are one of the best ways of sharing your personal brand and message.

So what is the first action step you going to take to post your first video online and if you already doing video how are you going to do this consistently.

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